New! blade length 2 3/8 inches. Free Sharpening Demo. For sharpening flexible knives see Tormek SVM-140 Knife Jig. Expert Sharpening Tips. The jig is 1-3/4 inches wide. Handmade Knife Sharpening Jig. With 62 years of experience, owner Ben Dale offers an invaluable list of sharpening tips. So not only is this jig a safer way to sharpen your knife, it also helps you get the right angle every time. This jig is inexpensive to make, easy to construct, and built to fit a … Now included in the Hand Tool Kit and the Woodturner's Kit. SVD-186 R Gouge Jig - Redesigned version. Item #2592520 Model #BG4270 Apex versus Pro Sharpening System. If you are sharpening free hand, many of you already know it's very difficult to get the right angle while sharpening your stone. WEN 10-in Two-Direction Water Cooled Wet/Dry Sharpening System. See how it works. Place the rod in one of the jig holes and check for the desired grind angle. Tormek Case TC-800. Long knives need to be stiff. Go to page. I clamped a small portable vise over the long end of the wooden "T" and over the table top to secure that end of the jig. Professional Stainless Steel Kitchen Chef Knife Sharpener Pro RX-008, 360° Rotation Flip Design, Fixe… Send us a knife and we will sharpen it and return it the day after we receive it. Designed to be used with Tormek sharpening systems, this patented knife jig can sharpen most standard knives with blades 2-3/8 inches or longer as well as carver's draw knives. Next, I screwed my knife blank to a piece of wood, and placed this in the vise. Min. Go to page. I used a 3/8" steel rod as the angle guide for the jig. For sharpening long tools, such as long knives, cleavers and machetes. Keeps your jigs and accessories organized. About Us.

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