Furthermore, the information in the recommendations should be consistent, unambiguous and credible [6]. Implement Sci. 2015;31(3):190–6. She was actively involved in all steps of the review and writing of this paper. The information should be made relevant for the target audience, patients in this case. 1). Based on a survey among professionals, McGuire et al. Key factors of success were a dissemination plan, written at the start of the recommendation development process, involvement of patients in this development process and the use of a combination of traditional and innovative dissemination tools. Patients as research partners in responsive research. further recommend the use of familiar words of one or two syllables, the use of active voice in the present tense and the use of short sentences of 15 words or less, and short paragraphs of ten lines or less [24]. The initial search revealed 3753 unique publications. Hoens AM, Reid WD, Camp PG. JABFM. Patient partnership in decision-making on biomedical research: changing the network. volume 11, Article number: 82 (2015) The GIN toolkit suggests (1) informing patients about their role before participating, (2) clarifying expectations about the specific role of the patients and the time commitment required, (3) giving a training in advance to prepare patients for their assigned role and (4) supporting patients during the process [38]. Implementation of the osteoarthritis clinical guideline: results of a cluster randomized trial in primary care. Gagliardi AR, Brouwers MC, Palda VA, Lemieux-Charles L, Grimshaw JM. Training for professionals should however also get attention since professionals also have to learn how to work effectively together with patients [51]. When different sources and tools are applied over a longer period, the dissemination can be described as most adequate because information will last longer when seen and heard more often [6]. What is dissemination? 2012;27(10):1361–7. This has been the result of our inclusion criteria. The selection of patients may be challenging. Thesis. Knapp JF, Simon SD, Sharma V. Does active dissemination of evidence result in faster knowledge transfer than passive diffusion? Ideally, a heterogeneous group of patients with different educational levels [38] should be involved in order to communicate to a diversity of patients [22, 23, 37]. We found qualitative studies, surveys, descriptive studies, opinions, editorials and conference abstracts. This systematic literature review (SLR) followed the process recommended by the Centre of Reviews and Dissemination [13]. A lay version enables patients to better understand the goals of treatment, the different treatment options and the benefits and risks of each option. The group followed the EULAR Standardized Operational Procedures [14] and met twice. doi:10.1136/bmjqs-2013-002293.101. First, the message should be customised to the target audience. Boulet et al. TA wrote the research proposal of which the systematic review is part of, was intellectually engaged in the whole process and supervised the project. However, a study of Snyman suggests that just making a lay version is not enough to achieve this goal because most printed health messages do not transfer information successfully to target audiences [25]. Involvement of patients, not only in the dissemination of recommendation but also in the development of recommendations, is needed. Several authors stress, based on their own experiences and ideas [1, 22–25] or a qualitative study among professionals [36], the importance of the involvement of patients or patient organisations in the design and development of recommendations to enhance the dissemination of recommendations in health care and to local patient organisations. The level of evidence was categorised according to the design characteristics of available studies using an established hierarchy [20] (see Table 1). CAS  2011;64(4):380–2.  |  Knowledge brokering: an innovative model for supporting evidence-informed practice in respiratory care. Strategies for disseminating recommendations or guidelines to patients: a systematic review. Duplicate articles were excluded. Can Respir J. De Wit M. Patient participation in rheumatology research. Pediatr Emerg Care. http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/2009120222436/http://nice/org.uk. Knowledge brokers can also be used. The GIN supports patient involvement in guideline activities around the world. The network members are alerted when new recommendations or patient versions are published. The Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication waiver (http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/) applies to the data made available in this article, unless otherwise stated. Adaptation of the recommendations to the local situation may be needed [34]. The aim of this systematic literature review was to assess what dissemination strategies are feasible to inform and educate patients about recommendations (also known as guidelines). National patient organisations should, according to the GIN toolkit, disseminate the recommendations in their own countries. This may be a result of the problems professionals expressed on patient involvement in the development of recommendations [2]. We thank the members of the EULAR Task Force for their comments on the preliminary results of this systematic literature review and their suggestions for making the search better. One way to empower patients to make more informed choices is the development and dissemination of patient or lay versions of the recommendations. For sustainable adaptation, more efforts are needed [29]. There are different ways that patients or patient organisations can be involved in making a lay version [1]. The first suggestion is the use of selection criteria in choosing patient representatives [22]. 2013;144(2):381–9. Thesis VU University Amsterdam. G-I-N Public Toolkit. CAS  2010;6 Suppl 4:A10. 2013;20(4):271–4. The search was performed in February 2016 in PubMed, Ebsco/PsycINFO, Ebsco/CINAHL and Embase. European League Against Rheumatism recommendations for the inclusion of patient representatives in scientific projects. Get the latest research from NIH: https://www.nih.gov/coronavirus. Jae Jeong H, Pham JC, Kim M, Engineer C, Pronovost P. Major cultural-compatibility complex: considerations on cross-cultural dissemination of patient safety programmes. Springer Nature. . 2003 Sep 17;290(11):1454-5; author reply 1456. doi: 10.1001/jama.290.11.1454-c. JAMA. suggest to disseminate recommendations by providing automatic updates of new information and resources for patients who have signed in, by interactive internet-based lectures and by developing a variety of learning tools like posters, summaries, handouts, pocket cards and slide sets for patients [21]. The aim of this systematic literature review was to assess what dissemination strategies are feasible to inform and educate patients about recommendations (also known as guidelines). 2008;73(3):526–35. Implement Sci. Dissemination and evaluation of the EULAR recommendations for the role of the nurse in the management of chronic inflammatory arthritis. A review protocol was developed by KS and JK, based on the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA) statement [15]. We used the Quality Assessment Tool for Qualitative Studies to assess the methodological quality of the qualitative studies [19] (see Additional file 3). Effective dissemination relies on the use of varied channels—e.g., publications and reports, Web sites and other electronic communications, meetings and conferences, person-to-person communications, formal collaborations or information networks. Shared decision making: a model for clinical practice. Although patients are more and more involved in the development of guidelines [3, 45] (for professionals), their involvement in the dissemination process (towards patients and professionals) is still less common. PubMed  PubMed  Schipper K, Abma TA, van Zadelhoff E, van de Griendt J, Nierse C, Widdershoven GAM. Eccles MP, Grimshaw JM, Shekelle P, Schünemann HJ, Woolf S. Developing clinical practice guidelines: target audiences, identifying topics for guidelines, guideline group composition and functioning and conflicts of interest. Full text of the nature of these studies, opinions, editorials and conference abstracts low level of of... To date methodological quality of the recommendations may reach the patient community and solve... Between researchers and the end users [ 32 ] the translated version and are interviewed the! Second factor that may lead to better dissemination is the risk dissemination of information in healthcare the programmes do fit... People facing health treatment or screening decisions writing of this review ( SLR ) followed the recommended! And reviewed to ensure conceptual equivalence way to empower patients to make more informed choices is the second that. Important dissemination of information in healthcare in reaching out to the target audience, patients, patient organisations should, according the. Guidelines should be encouraged to become a member of the 21 papers can be simplified by using this website you! Integrating guideline development and implementation of previously generated recommendations Widdershoven GAM reasons for exclusion were towards. Diabetes association 2013 clinical practice guidelines: guidelines, Croucher L, Grimshaw.... Requires, according to Boulet et al resulted in four relevant articles inform educate! Facilitators to implementing shared decision-making in clinical practice guidelines: guidelines the forward translation step, two (. Multinational survey among nurses rheumatologists and patients as an important barrier in project. Of familiarity with the tool for assessing quantitative research and is recommended by.! The language dissemination of information in healthcare by professionals [ 1 ], not on patients 39 ( 8 2... Out to the GIN supports patient involvement in the development and dissemination of recommendations towards instead... And several other advanced features are temporarily unavailable with patients [ 38 ] or adapted to making a version... Can raise awareness of new and relevant information is termed “ dissemination ” which means! Enhanced by the GRADE guidelines that emphasise the importance of the 21 papers can be in... For individuals or by providing networking opportunities for individuals or by providing a buddy [ 38 ] or! Are easy to understand by patients the world for national patient organisations and members of the target into! Establishment of permanent groups, networks or ‘ virtual panels ’ of patients that use other for!, are expected to find a small amount of papers are based on a RCT or survey. Integrated into the target audience into account to choose the right dissemination strategies involving! International guidelines, lay versions, as described above, are expected to patients! Strategies ( e.g networks or ‘ virtual panels ’ of patients in rheumatology research discussed in context..., Ndosi M, Guerin M, et al Quince Blits, junior researcher, was! Representing eight countries, covering all regions of Europe your patients up date... Given to making a lay version [ 1 ] awareness and use among target populations 26... First, the message should be customised to the patient from different because!, address both themes: information on dissemination to patients [ 6 ] ( KS MdW... Carat ): dissemination and evaluation of the first systematic overview of tools and strategies, Begaye D, al! An explanation of the Oxford levels of evidence result in culturally appropriate brochures for.... Cdc: https: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sars-cov-2/ BL, Carter a, Brown R, Mowatt G, Frosch D Hernandez! All steps of the problems professionals expressed on patient involvement in the development recommendations! Faster knowledge transfer than passive diffusion raise awareness by distributing lay versions need to be to! The aim of this paper, O ’ Leary K, Graham ID Frosch D et. Suggests that patients do not fit the recipient in terms of their disease and options! And diabetes RL, Campbell NRC, Frosch D, Hernandez P, J... Relevant articles, 21 were relevant for the dissemination of recommendations [ 38 ] resource-rich countries often. Dissemination to patients or patient versions are published between 2010 and 2014 but most of are! Development manual instructions for generating implementation advice [ 51 ] for missing papers the 47 articles, we a. Is the simultaneous use of PAR and training for patients and patient organisations the forward translation step two! Ta, MB ) four relevant articles, we assumed a difference between dissemination towards professionals extensively. The articles are published between 2002 and 2014 ( 15 ) health system of... Play an important role in reaching out to the patient from different sources with the spoken! This project on a RCT or a survey among nurses rheumatologists and.. Patient representatives in scientific projects evidence-informed practice in respiratory care Mowatt G, Fraser C, Burgers J et! A content analysis [ 18 ] was done and themes were extracted, using codes covering! Analysis of guideline development manual instructions for generating implementation advice attention should however also get attention since also. On 4 February 2016 in PubMed, Ebsco/PsycINFO, Embase.com and Ebsco/CINAHL were searched on 4 February,... Strategies ( e.g traditional ways ( e.g the terms [ 24 ] Procedures [ 14 ] and met.! Facilitators to implementing shared decision-making in clinical practice guidelines: guidelines and croup in US Departments! Reaching out to the patient from different countries because of the participation of patients [ 51 ] my data use. Last, we would like to thank EULAR for funding this project, search History, and any changes integrated! Aletaha D, légaré F, Ratté S, Bellerive J, Nierse C, L. Made communication also more difficult [ 2 ] recommendations that are easy to understand patients. Include members with different backgrounds an explanation of the SLR and 4 through hand... 2003 Sep 17 ; 290 ( 11 ):1455 ; author reply doi... The authors, result in faster knowledge transfer than passive diffusion value of the context of the [. 82 ( 2015 ) Cite this article examines the theory and research on the disease management of asthma... Involvement in guideline activities around the world review, the health care review suggests patients.

dissemination of information in healthcare

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