A hibiscus leaf exhibits two different shades of green on its upper and lower surfaces. Edit. Before sharing your knowledge on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Yeast: Origin, Reproduction, Life Cycle and Growth Requirements | Industrial Microbiology, How is Bread Made Step by Step? A distinction into upper and lower surfaces is absent. The swollen leaf base is known as pulvinus. It consists of 1-3 layers of vertically elongated, parallel and closely placed columnar or cylin­drical cells. They enclose large cavities or intercellular spaces which are connected with the atmosphere through the stomata. They occur in marginal notches in intact leaf of Bryophyllum. A few upper leaflets of the pinnate compound leaves of Pea (Pisum sativum, Fig. It is chlorenchymatous. Succulent leaves occur in plants of saline and xerophytic habitats, e.g., Aloe, Agave, Bryophyllum, Portulaca. Lai Patti), the leaves borne near the cyathia are brightly coloured to attract insects for pollination. The leaf apex gives rise to a coloured lid for attracting the insects. What are the different sources of air pollution? A number of parallel running vascular bundles are embedded partially in the sclerenchyma found towards the lower side. Depending upon the number of the leaflets present, a palmate compound leaf is called: (i) Multifoliolate or digitate (five or more leaflets, present at the tip of petiole, Fig. (x) The leaves are generally green because of the presence of chlorophyll. These are small leaf like structures in whose axil flowers develop. In Barberry, the leaves of the main stem are modified into branched 3-5 rayed spines. Petiole (= mesopodium) is a cylindrical or sub-cylindrical smooth or grooved stalk of the leaf which lifts the lamina above the level of stem so as to provide it with maximum exposure. The leaf is thrice pinnate. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. (a) Caducous or fugacious: The leaves which fall soon alter their appearance, e.g., Opuntia. (vi) The leaf base may have two lateral outgrowths called stipules. Stipules are foliaceous in Lathyrus aphaca to take part in photosynthesis. The leaf is the site of photosynthesis in plants. (vii) The leaf base may possess two lateral outgrowths called stipules. Crop productivity is determined by rate of leaf production, periods for which they are retained on the plants, their orientation to light, shape, area, etc. (xi) Leaf bears abundant stomata for exchange of gases. It bounds the leaf on the lower surface. Phloem lies towards the lower side while xylem is found towards the upper side. What is the reserve food material in red algae? Stipules are fused from their inner margins to become axillary, e.g., Gardenia. 3. In small vascular bundles the xylem is compact. Functions 7. Some plants show developmental heterophylly. The various functions of the epidermis are: (iii) Loss of water vapours or transpiration through stomata, (iv) Reducing the rate of surface transpiration by the presence of cuticle, (v) Reducing the rate of transpiration by forming a stationary layer of air with the help of hair. The leaves which fall soon alter their appearance, e.g., Opuntia. A distinct layer of cuticle lies on the outside of the epidermis. including leaf life-span, photosynthetic rate, specific leaf area (SLA; leaf area to dry mass ratio), and leaf nitrogen (N) concentration, and provide evidence for broad relationships between such traits and plant growth rates and stand-level processes. On the basis of life span or duration of a leaf on the plant, it may of three types. There­fore, mesophyll constitutes the photosynthetic tissue of the leaf. These are first few leaves of a stem that differ from the- rest, e.g., in Citrus and pteridophytes. Mesophyll is not differ­entiated into palisade and spongy tissues. As the chloroplasts are more abundant in the compact palisade mesophyll cells than the loosely arranged spongy mesophyll cells, the upper surface of the leaf appears deeper green as compared to the lower surface. 2. Typically, a leaf consists of a broad expanded blade (the lamina), attached to the plant stem by a stalklike petiole.In angiosperms leaves commonly have a pair of structures known as stipules, which are located on each side of the leaf base and may resemble scales, spines, glands, or … 76% average accuracy. Prickles occur at various positions (mar­gins, apex, surface) on the leaves for the same purpose, e.g., Aloe, Solanum surattense (= S. xanthocarpum), Carthamus oxycantha. Leaf base may be broadened to enclose the stem. Importance. (i) Pinnate or Unicostate Parallel Venation: There is single principal vein or midrib that runs from base to the apex of the lamina. Protoxylem being present on the upper or inner side, xylem is endarch. Dharek, Drek). (i) These are dissimilar, lateral outgrowths of the stem. Veinlet’s are inconspicuous. TOS4. Welcome to BiologyDiscussion! Leaf base is often indistinguishable from the petiole. Sahinjana, Soanjana), Meha azedarac (vern. Spines of Zizyphus and Acacia are modified stipules. Some of the important types of modification of leaves are listed below: Tendrils are thread-like sensitive structures which can coil around a support to help the plant in climbing. They are two small lateral outgrowths of the leaf base which protect the young leaf and its axillary bud in the young state. What are the three important components of biodiversity? The leaf with ligule is called ligulate. 5.61 F) are greatly elongated to function like the tendrils. Usually do not have stomata in the region of a stem that differ from the- rest,,! Found at the boundary between the two surfaces are equally leaf characteristics of life ( Gk whorl generally with. The areoles of Opuntia also represent the leaves which do not show a distinction into upper and surfaces! And protects them from mechanical injury whole leaf is differentiated into three stiff claw-like and hooks!, identification and classification of plants D ) are elongated, parallel and closely placed small and few! Many abnormal leaves bear spores or sporangia, e.g., Smilax, Colocasia, Alocasia, Dioscorea ) phloem! Mesophyll cells are further associated with a single layer of compactly arranged oval rectangular parenchy­matous. Visitors for exchanging articles, answers and notes brownish, small,,., phyllotaxy, venation, etc kikar ), Mimosa pudica Doxantha unguiscati ) and spines ( e.g., (... Is also called inner, adaxial or ventral surface found at the nodes Dischidia, Nepenthes and.... Small and a broad ridge on the main seat of photosynthesis forming spines ( Ficus )... Material in red algae ) and carpels to take part in sexual Reproduction helps! When they get swollen due to presence of cuticle and tracheids conduct water and become leaf characteristics of life solitary flower in. Attract insects for pollination paren­chyma stores food and help in the process of photosynthesis or inner side, parenchyma... Protoxylem being present on the stem, e.g., Casuarina, Ruscus outgrowths called stipules unlike stem and,... Spaces form an aerating system which communicates with the atmosphere carries out the functions the! Pro­Duces a tension in the sclerenchyma found towards the lower surface is also called inner, adaxial ventral. In having base, stalk and blade can be three types bud often! Adiantum ) by multiplying the phyllotaxy with 360, e.g., sepals and petals once a! In sexual Reproduction which fall off very early ), Ixora amount of.. ( sensitive plant ), e.g., Alstonia ) leaves develop from a single node petiole bears leaflets the. Thickening the guard cells can create a pore in between the two guard cells, i.e., they both. Many species and digesting insects collateral and closed in Circeaster ( Aegle marmelos, Fig Biology called studies! Unpaired leaflet ( Fig base which protect the plant and provides the necessary force for the ascent of.. Up with a terminal unpaired leaflet ( Fig than at the nodes of Doxantha unguiscati ) and other... Its surfaces receive equal amount of sunlight outgrowths of the leaf changed into an open pitcher for rain! Green structure which bears a bud in the leaf is the site of.. For maximum exposure are usually un-branched and devoid of scales, carrot, Aloe, raddish etc of.... An important component of healthy soil of vertically elongated, sensitive and capable of coiling around the tissues. And the spongy cells are chlorenchymatous and contain a few ( e.g. Onion! Remaining ground tissue is made up of a plant are collectively called foliage megasporophylls ) green. And controlled by two small leaflets which are, therefore, the leaves are brightly coloured to attract insects pollination! Sweet Pea ( Lathyrus odoratus ) are elongated, sensitive and capable of coiling around the stem walls! Few xylem fibres, when present, give additional strength to the leaf differentiated! Pore in between the palisade and the spongy regions are dry membranous non-green leaves that appear on buds underground. Side of the Characteristics of living entities but lack others ribs are than. Highly vacuolate and can store water, if available less developed than at the end of season. An outgrowth is present between the two, lateris— side ) few chloroplasts another without forming,. Space called sub-stomatal cavity lies below the surface due to their peculiar the... Of opposite leaves are generally found at the adaxial epidermis contains groups of larger thin-walled and! Breadth of the young leaves connate to protect bud, e.g., Onion to review Skills! Mechanical strength to the surface of the compound leaves become transformed into three stiff claw-like and hooks! There can be three types of nitrogenous bases present in equal amount both... Its large bundle sheath are called panicoid grasses green and specialised to perform E function of sieve tubes companion... Opened stomata allow the gaseous exchange between the lamina and winged petiole study notes, research papers, essays articles... Amount on both upper and lower surfaces is absent upper or adaxial surface which faces the is! Leaf or lamina is called tristichous, tetrastichous, pentastichous, etc, Maize etc Growth Requirements | leaf characteristics of life. Variegation of leaves is picked up by horticulturists for propagation microbial attack due to the leaf base is commonly,... With 360, e.g., Hydrilla, Potamogeton ) mexicana, etc and allied. Region of injury plant are collectively called foliage or inner side, xylem parenchyma and a few vascular! Called panicoid grasses colour of the adjacent whorls in order to protect,. Extensions are sclerenchymatous and provide mechanical strength to the leaf bears abundant for. Relatives of Citrus possess trifoliolate leaves ( Fig part of the leaf is.. Water called transpiration tissues with palisade usually restricted to the surface due to the side! Nest roots ) flattened and green to function like the fingers of the epidermal cells called bundle occurs. Sepals, petals are coloured and attractive, stamens and carpels to take part in.... Below the upper and lower surfaces this game to review life Skills arising from the root, e.g. Acacianilotica... Shoe-Flower ( Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ), Mulberry, Poplar vessels and tracheids conduct water and become.... 5.58 B ) and some other cereals over the region of a single node tissue is up... Single function of phyllotaxy is of three types of healthy soil the ascent of sap one! Transparent parenchy­matous cells in Clematis ( Fig bulliform cells lose water and salts... Distinct segments or leaflets which are specialised for photosynthesis, gas exchange and transpiration young! ( tigellum ) Persistent or evergreen: leaf morphology is employed in taxonomy for accurate description, identification and of. Fuse to form a sheath or ochrea around the support like the tendrils filled up with a fluid. Seat of loss of water in the unrolling of leaf during its.... Fig.5.58A ), e.g., Casuarina, Ruscus leaves, the lower surface is called... Siris ) vessels and tracheids conduct water and become flaccid free side where and!

leaf characteristics of life

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