The way of life in the last 10 years has been and will be drastically changed. *Ruel F. Ancheta, Ed.D. The New Normal for Education: Join the Revolution or Accept the Status Quo Raymond J. McNulty, Dean School of Education, SNHU Senior Fellow, ICLE School of Education . In the Philippines, eight (8) congress leaders have officially filed the ‘new normal’ bill entitled “2020 New Normal for the Workplace and Public Spaces Act” or the House Bill 6623. Whether it's parents home-schooling their children while working from home, teachers' attempts to keep 30 kids engaged on a Zoom call or pupils sat at new socially distanced desks, education's 'New Normal' has arrived at a blistering pace. The COVID-19 pandemic means education may never be the same again. THE NEW NORMAL IN EDUCATION: A CHALLENGE TO THE PRIVATE BASIC EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS IN THE PHILIPPINES? MANILA, Philippines — Some of the country’s top schools are gearing up for the opening of classes this August with varying strategies to cope with the new normal. This article presents opportunities for responding issues, problems and trends that are currently arising and will arise in the future due to COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of education in the Philippines - the new educational … in the planning and implementation of the “new normal educational policy”. The new normal: No issue in education has gotten more attention over the last few years than the issue of testing. All units under the University The COVID-19 pandemic has given birth to different types of 'new normal', wherein daily activities have to be modified in order to ensure physical distancing, from the way people do groceries, ride public transportation, and even how people work and study. Parents, teachers, and students have argued that the era of annual testing ushered in under the passage of NCLB has created a culture where the joy of learning has been replaced by an incessant stream of fill-in-the-bubble tests. COVID-19 tally in Philippines hits 409,574 with over 1,700 new infections November 16, 2020 - 4:00pm Of the total confirmed cases, 27,369 or 6.7% are still undergoing treatment or quarantine. Gulf College, … One of the things that we can hear nowadays is the phrase “The New Normal.” In other words, this will be our new normal. Various measures and regulations that we are doing now under the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) will remain for a maximum of three years or until the further announcement of the president. This includes wearing of masks in public places, having a travel pass wherever you go, social or physical distancing, daily disinfection, taking vitamins, and many others. What the 'new normal' in education looks like in the Philippines Source: Pexels.

what is new normal' in education in the philippines

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