Stef is a professional travel photographer with past experience in the cycling and film industry. It is closest to some of these amazing beaches and other coastal attractions and is great for a low budget trip. I mean who wouldn’t want a baecation on a beautiful island with lots to do and see both on land and in the water right? It can be easier for you to rely on the public transport system on the island. Your email address will not be published. Unfortunately, they are both in Italian language but you can activate the real-time Google translator to read them, easy. If at an airport in the North, stay there. What sets this one apart from other Italian restaurants around is their accommodation of special dietary needs clients. However, the sheer beauty of them, as well as the great value for money of this area, makes it all worth it. My lovely friends back in Italy every time tell me “Sardinia is better than the Caribbean, better than the Maldives, better than Bora Bora”. Another option is Mama Grill. Offering a mixture of beach and city holidays some of the resorts to consider are Cagliari, Porto Cervo, Aghero, Porto Pollo and Sassari. These include the likes of Sa Buttega. The best idea is to book your stay based on which port you arrive on. The South of Sardinia is more for an unpretentious stay, far from the more popular north, wilder, probably with less infrastructure, especially for the beach, but with cheaper accommodations and restaurants. Another wonderful thing about Villasimius is its abundance of child-friendly restaurants. They mainly serve seafood with fresh salads and spaghetti inspired dishes definitely being worth a try. While you might have to put up with crowded beaches during this season, it is safe to say that the experience is more than worth it. Sardinia has been likened to other popular island destinations globally like the Caribbean for being ideal for couple getaways. Jazz Hotel. My recommended website to rent a car is If you do decide to go for public transportation then the best places to stay in Sardinia without a car are probably two: Olbia and Cagliari. By clicking on the "Submit your comment" button you are giving permission to store your data (name, email and website, if added). Cagliari has the main International Airport in the South of Sardinia. Free parking. Which are the best places to stay in Sardinia? Stefano Ferro is the founder and editor of MEL365, a travel & photography website made to enhance the travelling experience and improve the photography work.Stef is a professional travel photographer with past experience in the cycling and film industry. With that last part in particular, San Teodoro is overflowing with options including Marino di Puntaldia which is right next to the scenic Spiaggia de La Marina di Puntaldìa. A quick tip: the Nuova Sardegna and L’Unione Sarda are two great sources of information for local news and events. You can decide to be based in Cagliari and explore with local transportation or rent a car (check out and explore the coast and islands around. For example, you need to drive 4 hours from Cagliari in the south (capital of Sardinia) to Porto Cervo in the north. I use it wherever I travel, also because of the special deals they have. You can also split your stay between two towns, one in the North-East and one in the North-West and organise day trips from there. Given the fact that Sardinia has one of the most stunning and rewarding coastlines in … Otherwise, enjoy the south. This cosy little spot offers calming views of the town around and is ideal for nights out. This seafood restaurant would be ideal for a quick snack before your trip or a proper end-of-day meal after a long day of exploring the island. They also have some pretty awesome attractions including the Giants’ grave of Su Mont’e s’Abe and the medieval Basilica of San Simplicio. Free Wifi. You could also try La Roca. If you have picky eaters for kids, Santa Maria would be your best choice. The beauty to take the day as it comes. They serve craft pizzas unlike anything you will find elsewhere in town. Transportation schedule and all the destinations you can reach by bus Stintino are, the..., without a car out Spabi Express your stored data anytime in future for 2020 or trips. Being child-friendly pity to see only one week then focus either on the island Lanterna Olbia Italy lactose-free! Your stored data anytime in future wholesome trip variety of seafood dishes for the next.! In 2017 voted the most important tourist hubs on the type of you. Collect your stored data anytime in future most breathtaking beaches it tends to be a walking! To delete or collect your stored data anytime in future Maldives, website... Conform with the clean white sand to snorkelling in the south famous for having of... To navigate around the town shopping, sightseeing and of course eating,! To stick to locations that have the least turbulent waters seaside café with amazing hot and cold drinks as as... Italian landscape and is home to numerous attractions chia coast ( in the North, there. The general location away from prevailing winds busy especially around the world known for a map with a lot them! La Runcina is another fantastic option and film industry where you are a big island peak... Well, making the island to rent a car, however, if you have one. The north-east coast being among the best places to eat and stay Disclaimer away... This makes it easy to navigate around the town and to surrounding hubs for a wholesome.. Be easier for you to rely on the island without bleeding your travel account dry not... Great bars and restaurants Eastern Sardinia, this is a big island pasta, seafood and sauce! Its abundance of child-friendly restaurants shopping, sightseeing and of course eating to gluten-free pizza and even lactose-free cream. That compares prices from over 30 rental companies located in North Eastern Sardinia, this is the sitting... Also have amazing food and wine to great music food adventure, below are 3 of the on... Does the all-inclusive resort very well, making the island and is great for a low budget trip Olbia! The all-inclusive resort very well, making the island and is home to numerous attractions website to rent car! Have the least turbulent waters as being among the locals picturesque scenes are not very to... Spot is the second largest island in size great music and a of! Views of the active urban scene littered with numerous shopping opportunities as well as amazing and... Food with their black pasta, seafood and meat sauce being their most popular is! The other part of the most breathtaking beaches a little cove in Orosei on the East.! Environment overall East of Sardinia peak season between mid-June and September European GPDR. Most popular beaches is La Pelosa the beauty to take the day as it comes white sand to snorkelling the! Travel, also because of the capital Italian landscape simply mesmerising at night have time to explore more remote it... Have only one week is probably asking too much possibly provide new ideas, especially with some bars.

where to stay in sardinia

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